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Selection process

The Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing is a double-blinded, peer-reviewed journal. Thus, the papers submitted to the journal are subjected to a double-blind refereeing process to ensure the objectiveness of the assessment.

Works presented for consideration for publishing in the Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing must satisfy the following sequence for selection:

  • Submittion of originals.
  • Analysis of the originals to be submitted for review.
  • Articles are evaluated by two peer experts in the field.
  • The reviewers recommend whether the submitted article be published, revised, or rejected.
  • Submission of reports from the reviewers. Analysis of reports by the editor and a decision of acceptance, revision or rejection for publication.
  • The decision is communicated to the authors. In the case of revision or rejection of a paper, recommendations to orientate the authors to meet the requirements of the journal will be included.