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Instructions for
submitting manuscripts

The length of the work should not go beyond 30 pages, double spaced, including graphs, charts, footnotes and bibliographic references. The different sections should be numbered consecutively, starting with the introduction. The headings in which they are divided should be numbered as follows: 1.1, 1.2, etc.

In order to guarantee the anonymity of the work, the author’s name, address and email as well as his professional rank should only appear on the first page. The second should include the title of the work, a summary (of no more than 100 words), and three key words in Spanish and English for these last two sections.

• The footnotes should be numbered in sequence with all numbers placed at the top right of each text. The footnote itself should appear on its corresponding page and be single spaced.

Charts and graphs to be inserted in the text should be numbered consecutively including both title and source. In the same way, mathematical expressions should be numbered in sequence with the number in parentheses on the right of the page.

The references should go at the end of the article under the heading of Bibliography. In the text, these references should be cited in an abbreviated way with the author´s name and the date. In the case of there being several from the same author, they should be numbered consecutively (a, b, etc….)

The appendixes, if any, will be marked with an A followed by a number (A.1, A.2, etc.).

Guidelines for sending

Works sent to the Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing should be unpublished, not having been accepted for publication nor being in the process of revision for another journal. You can send documents written in both Spanish and English.

The work should be sent by email to the following address: It should be sent in one file in Word format.

The Spanish Journal of Research in Marketing uses a double-blind when accepting originals. The assessment process should not last, normally, more than three months from the time of the reception of the original until the author receives his first reply.

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