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La adopción del b2b en las pymes españolas: antecedentes y consecuencias

Septiembre 2007, Vol. 12, nº 2

J. Enrique Bigné, Joaquín Aldás, Luisa Andreu y Carla Ruiz

The usage of B2B in Spanish SMEs is an incipient phenomenon which requires further analysis. The goal of the present study is to determine to what extent companies with more previous experience in the usage of Internet in the interorganizative relationships are more involved in the adoption of B2B e-commerce and, moreover, to analyze the effects of this technological adoption in the perceived benefits. For the attainment of this double goal a conceptual model is proposed whose validation, taking the database provided by the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce (2003), seeks to confirm the role of the adoption of B2B in Spanish SME’s.

Keywords: e-commerce, Internet, interorganizative relationships, perceived benefits.

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