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Eficacia de los folletos publicitarios en el comercio detallista

Septiembre 2007, Vol. 12, nº 2

Juan Carlos Gázquez Abad y Manuel Sánchez Pérez

Store flyers have become one of the most important promotional tools in retailers’ promotion activities. However, relatively few works ave analyzed the importance and the effect of using store flyers on consumer purchase behaviour. In this paper we analyse how the presence of brands in store flyers affects consumer choice behaviour and improves price promotions effect. In addition, we look for characterize more flyer-prone consumers using price sensitivity and brand loyalty. In order to do so, and using MNL models and latent class approach, we describe an empirical application in the context of consumer choice. The outcomes provide key insights for retailers regard to improve store flyers use.

Keywords: Retailer promotions, Store flyer, MNL, latent class models.

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