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Sistemas de gestión y desarrollo del marketing en las organizaciones: efectos de la calidad total según el modelo EFQM de excelencia

Septiembre 2007, Vol. 12, nº 2

Mª Leticia Santos Vijande y Luis Ignacio Álvarez González

This study applies structural equations modelling to examine the relationships among total quality management, market orientation, organizational performance and marketing capabilities. Survey data from both manufacture and service firms is used to test the relationships hypothesized. The main objective pursed is to obtain an in-depth understanding of the total quality management system contribution to the implementation of market orientation and to the firms’ competitiveness.
Additionally, the synergistic effects of total quality management and market orientation on marketing capabilities are also analyzed. The potential benefits of total quality management, according to the EFQM Excellence Model, are positively contrasted whereas market orientation is proved to have a non significative effect on marketing capability. This result is understood to open a wide field of future research.

Keywords: Total quality management, EFQM Excellence Model, market orientation, competitive advantage, marketing capability.

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