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Influencia de las características de la relación sobre la percepción de los resultados económicos en relaciones fabricante-distribuidor: el caso de Bimbo Martínez

Septiembre 2007, Vol. 12, nº 2

Ignacio Rodríguez del Bosque Rodríguez y Jesús Collado Agudo

This work analyzes the effect of three factors on the economic results of manufacturers and distributors in their business relationships: specific-asset investments, interdependence structure and opportunistic behaviors. On base of an empirical investigation made in the bakery sector in Spain, the results suggest a possible reciprocity behavior of manufacturers and distributors with regards to the management of their commercial relationships. However, a different consideration of the specific investments made by the channel members is demonstrated.

Keywords: Profitability, manufacturer-distributor relationships, asset specificity, interdependence, opportunism.

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